Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 Reasons to Consider Pearson Literature

1. Understanding by Design: Grant Wiggins promotes the transfer of learning developed through a carefully crafted Big Question. These timeless unit-based Big Questions invite all students to bring their personal backgrounds and experiences into the daily learning process. Pearson remains true to Understanding by Design principals, allowing for teachers to build connections with rich selections, non-fiction pieces, novels, writing, and conventions.

2. Paired, Leveled Selections:
Pearson offers choice for your diverse students; one more accessible selection and one more challenging selection that each focus on the same California standards (reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking skills) regardless of which leveled selection was chosen. The way Pearson Literature organizes its selections allows for true differentiation to take place whole class or in small groups. Teachers are given back the power of choice.

3. Reality Central: We’re proud to offer a complete set of non-fiction, issue-based articles that align directly to each core selection of the Literature program. Our series of articles act an an anticipatory set, provoking student discussion and debate with issues today’s 21st-Century students live, while motivating them to read the connected selection in the anthology.

4. Language Central: (Program II) ELD support is available with direct concept and skill alignment to the core program with a full-color, visual student work text; complete Teacher’s Edition; full kit of digital and ancillary support; and systematic 5-day plans.

This dynamic, interactive site contains all print and activity-based materials PLUS engaging videos, animations, interactive practice activities, songs, and full audio.

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